Day 1 of 40

I thought today would be so easy especially since I had cut and prepped all the fruits and veggies yesterday for my juices and smoothies, but I felt quite lethargic all day and suffered a migraine by mid-afternoon.  Could I be detoxing already?  Are these the symptoms?

I was off to a good start with a morning breakfast smoothie of banana-papaya-strawberry and by day’s end a dinner of fresh-made red cabbage soup. It was tastier than my family anticipated.  But the in-between, lunch, was like sabotage as I caved into eating last night’s left over chicken penne alfredo with a side of nachos.  I justified the day-one splurge by insisting I should let the already purchased junk go to waste.  Now it is going to waist.

I decided to weigh myself and take ‘before’ pics just so I have a starting point with which to reference as I transform in the coming weeks. The scale displayed 142 lbs; not the heaviest I’ve been but not where I think I should be. Friends pointed out that weight is just a number and I shouldn’t take close attention to that number.  Although I’d like to lose 20 pounds, it’s most important that I feel great, look toned, and feel energized!

Because I have not worked out at all in about 4 months, I decided to ease back in with a light, beginner, HIIT program. HIIT workouts can be easy or quite challenging and you can get a great, sweaty workout in as little as 20 minutes!

Day One also brought about the challenge of learning to blog.  This is my first ever experience so please bear with me as I figure it out along the way.


One thought on “Day 1 of 40

  1. Great first blog, you’re a natural! “Now it’s going to waist…” that’s a fabulous line! Congratulations on getting started!


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