Self-Challenge Accepted

After years of ambitiously starting (and stopping) various workout routines, nutritional regimes and annual New Year’s Eve resolutions to “get in the best shape ever” consistently broken, I have decided that no better day than today would be a great day to start a new challenge. Today marks the beginning of Lent (in the Catholic church) which is a 40 day ritual of fasting traditionally marked by sacrificing something in honour of God sacrificing His son for our sins.  My challenge has nothing to do with religion but the 40 days of sacrificing sugar, sweets, processed foods, meats and inactivity seems like a perfect length of time to get rid of old habits and hopefully, form a new lifestyle.

Over the years I have read, researched, worked with, been inspired by many articles, personal trainers, professional athletes, DVD programs, youtube programs which all highly motivated me at the time.  But family always comes first for me and sometimes/somehow the business of life always got in the way of my goals, dreams and desires.  I will be moving through this challenge with all of this attained knowledge as my tool but it will be a mix of various workouts combining HIIT training and weight training while paying close attention to nutrition.

Hoping that daily posts through social media will keep me accountable to completing my goal and succeeding by the end of Day 40.  Challenge Accepted!




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