Day 2 – Losing My Sweet Tooth

As part of my nutritional change, and recognized need to lose my sweet tooth, I have decided to cut out processed sugars, foods and sweets.  I know that there is still some natural sugar content in fruits but consider that to be obviously healthier.  This first week I was intending to detox via juicing and smoothies but realized from lethargy and migraines on Day 1 that I may need some substance during the day as well so am allowing for salads and whole fruits and veggies for one meal with a protein portion as well.

I really enjoy the morning smooth and whole fruit, like an apple, for a mid-morning snack. Since natural fruit sugars cause a spike in energy, it’s best not to eat fruits in the evening and especially not before bed.

This morning I made a fresh papaya-banana / frozen blueberry-strawberry smoothie with 2 tbsps of yogurt, 1 scoop of protein powder and a dash of cinnamon. Delish!  A great way to start the day!




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