Day 4 – Warming Up

My body isn’t as limber as it once was, it needs a bit of waking up even after I have woken up. I start each day with gratitude for waking up to this beautiful view every morning. I am in awe with the serenity that greets me with each warm sunrise. I take five deep, filling breaths as I soak it all in; inhaling peace and exhaling love. This helps set a calm mental state for my day….or at least for a while. 

In my bare feet, after the first thoughtful breaths I do gentle stretching from my neck down through my arms, my sides, my back, my legs, my feet; holding each stretch for 3-5 exchanges of deep breathing. 

This is a great start to everyday whether I’m working out or not. It limbers my body and awakens my soul with gratitude for simply waking to live another day when many are not afforded the same gift.

Living in gratitude helps centre the mind and leads to a healthy soul. Full body health must include emotional and spiritual health. For me, this is a great way to start.


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