Day 5 – Rest, Relax, Restore

Today was a day of rest, relaxation and restoration. It’s important to schedule weekly rest days to allow your muscles the chance to repair, grow and rebuild after being stretched through strength training and equally important to allow your mind the opportunity to relax into the present moment.
Rest days are also a good day to reward yourself with a “cheat” meal or snack. Better yet, take the guilt out of it – forget “cheat” meal, let’s call it a reward meal. When you allow yourself the scheduled chance to indulged in a reward meal, you won’t feel deprived and are more likely to stick with your nutrtion or diet plan until your reward day. Today, after four days of clean eating, I indulged in a veggie burger and fries. I (used to) love fries topped with ketchup, mayo and BBQ sauce. To be honest, I actually felt pretty gross eating them and couldn’t even finish the fries. That in itself is rewarding knowing my body would rather not have it. 

Rest days are not just good for the body but also for the soul. Especially mindful and purposeful rest days give a great sense of gratitude and help centre the mind. Today, I spent the day sailing and enjoying the beach. I also spent the majority of the day being fully present and not distracted by social media. The highlight of the day was sailing with a pod of dolphins swimming by our boat. So incredible to witness. 


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