Day 6 – Just HIIT It!

High Intensity Interval Training exercises (or HIIT for short) is a great all over muscle and cardio combo that is short on time but big on effect. 

I am currently doing the 30-day Beginner level Bootcamp online series through   They have videos for all fitness levels, great online instructors and exercises that require little to no equipment yet you get a great sweat and certainly workout various muscles. You’ll definitely feel it; in a good way! 

Today was a busy day away from home from early until late so I was happy to have completed my morning stretches and a HIIT routine before heading out the door. It sure felt good when I came home tired to know I had already accomplished today’s workout in just 20 minutes this morning.

I love the simplicity of not having to go to a gym or need to buy expensive equipment. The online program gives little room for excuses. Just put on your trainers, grab a bottle of water and press play! The key is in the consistency. Even slow progress is better than no progress. 


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