Day 7 – Don’t Wait for Weights

Weight training is an essential part of body transformation. Whether training light with higher repts for toning or training heavier with less repts to build muscle, it helps reduce fat, increase strength, improve bone density and improve overall quality of life. 

For many years I have dreamt of having a body like a fitness model. I subscribed to Oxygen magazine and became inspired by the athletes between its covers. But it remained a dream as I started and stopped various workout routines and exercises, never really seeing anything through to my end goal. My family was always my priority which meant my goals were somewhere else towards the bottom of my list. 

It wasn’t until I came across fitness athlete, Emily Reynolds, on Facebook and learned about her personal accomplishments against Grave’s disease that I felt truly inspired. Here was this young lady that fired her doctors and helped herself to optimal health, conquering this dreadful disease with personal training and proper nutrition.

Giving myself a priority, I finally purchased and attempted a personal workout and nutrition plan by Emily about a year ago and although I hit some setbacks along the way, Emily was (virtually) there to personally motivate me to continue. She helped me realize the importance of my health as a priority without the self-influcted guilt. By the end of the program, although still not a hard body, I certainly had a fit body enough to wear a caribbean carnival costume for the first time! Yes, I jumped in carnival alongside my beautiful teenage daughter and received just as many flattering compliments. I felt so proud!

Then summer came and turned into fall. We travelled a bit and I fell into the groove of enjoying eating as I desired. Add to that my workouts pretty much halted altogether. Then Christmas came soon enough, a time when I indulge all too easily. So the weight crept back on and my shape softened again much to my personal disappointment.

I decided for my 40 day challenge to start Emily’s personalized 6 Weeks to Sexy programme all over again. The timing lines up perfectly and the promise to post daily will (hooefully) keep me accountable and on target.

Emily’s example of what a fit, feminine body can look like because of weight training and proper nutrition is what I aspire to. So don’t be afraid of weights. They are an essential tool to chisel your body into the figure you desire. 

You can read Emily’s blog, check out her stories and purchase her programs through and you can follow her on Facebook or instagram at emilyreynoldswbffpro.


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