Day 11 – Water for Wellness

The easiest, least expensive, most readily available and convenient eay to add quality to your health is by drinking more water. Even if one does drink water through the day, it is likely not enough. It’s important to remember too, the recommended amount of water is for H20. So don’t think any liquid beverage is equivalent. 

Water has so many benefits for the body. It helps flush internal organs and the skin of toxins. It aids with digestion and helps boost the immune system. Water helps breakdown fat, in turn improving weight loss. Most obvious, water increases hydration. Proper hydration reduces and can eliminate headaches and migraines. Overall, the benefit of water keeps the body functioning properly. When the body is working well, and your health is in check, your mood is likely more positive too.

So fill a glass of water, several through the day. Bottoms up – cheers to your health! 


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