Day 15 – ABSolutely Focused

Once upon a time in my youth, I could eat whatever my palate desired and not worry at all about adding weight or inches or softness to my middle.  Fast forward twenty years, two pregnancies, two cesarian sections and the souvenir stretch marks left behind. My belly has been stretched in wonderful ways to carry my two greatest blessings. Unfortunately, it has also become the centre of mush and now my main area of transformation focus.

During the course of my 40-day challenge, I have really tried to clean up my eating habits.  This is the first time I’ve made any serious dietary changes to my lifestyle to go along with the physical workouts.  As mentioned in previous blogs, I am mainly on a healthy liquid diet consisting of juices, smoothies and soups.  If I feel I need something of more sustenance, I will have a veggie salad sometimes with grilled chicken, tuna or even sardines. For the most part, I have been dedicated in this dietary change so I am truly hoping this will play a more substantial role in shedding some middle inches.

Besides eating raw fruits and veggies, blended or not, I have added at least 30 minutes of cardio per day.  And then, of course, there are days when my weight-training area of focus is abs. From planks, to burpees, to crunches, to full range sit ups, I focus intently on whittling my waistline. There’s a saying that states “where the mind goes, the body follows”. So, I visualize a long, lean, tight torso that effortlessly carries my perfect posture and looks fantastic in a bikini!


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