Day 17 – BACK at it

In my opinion, the back is the most important muscle to workout; however, it is also my least favourite muscle to train.  Think about it, your back is connected to your shoulders, your neck, your abdominals, your chest and your hips.  A strong, healthy back helps the rest of your body to function well.

I’ve always loved a strong, toned, muscluar v-shaped back on a man but to me, the same muscularity on a woman is unattractive.  So when I workout my back, I prefer to do light weights, high reps and tend not to do, any exercises that focus on the trapezius. This way I am still training and toning the muscles without adding bulk.  My two favourite back exercises are lat pulldowns and revers flys.  I can really feel the muscles at work and being powerful which keeps me motivated.  My least favourite is the roman chair. I really feel it in my lower back which is just a great reminder that I need to continue to strengthen this area.  A strong lower back helps support the entire torso, improves great posture and goes together with strong, supported lower abs.

Your back may be behind you, but never take it for granted.


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