Day 18 – Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is exactly as it sounds.  Through gentle movements and extended periods of stillness, the body and mind are restored to centre.  It truly is a type of yoga for everyone, regardless of age, experience, ability or flexibility.

With mat, chair, blankets and belt, I placed my tight, sore body into awkward and somewhat uncomfortable positions.  Then held that position for several minutes, or moments, I really did not keep track of time. My breathing became deeper yet easier with each breath.  And I fell into a more relaxed state of comfort with each held position.

Truthfully, I felt so awkward just getting into place, time and again but coming out of each stance left me feeling more limber.  I definitely need work on centering my mind because, although I lay in stillness and silence on the outside, my brain was chattering the list of things I need to do later or thinking about how my body was feeling in that moment instead of just letting be.

Overall, I came out of that first class quite surprised to feel looser, lighter and lengthened. I think it is a great treat for the body especially after working out during the week. I intend to make restorative yoga part of my weekly routine.


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