Day 20 – Half-Way There

Day 20 of 40 – the halfway point! Strangely, the numbers on the scale have not budged yet I feel better with each accomplished workout and I am starting to see a bit more definition in my body though not near as toned as I’d like to be.

My biggest obstacle through to this point has been feeling a lack of overall energy. This may be due to the dietary changes I’ve made and perhaps not consuming enough for fuel. I still need to increase my water intake; I’m quite sure I’m not adequately hydrated. And I definitely need to reestablish my sleep routine. My usual was to stay up as late as it would take to be exhausted so that when my head hits the pillow, I’d be out. I definitely need a more scheduled routine so that I wake feeling refreshed and well rested.

My greatest accomplishment during this process has been allowing myself to take priority over chores and housework. It used to be that I would feel I needed to have the entire house orderly before I felt comfortable enough to take time for me. Now I am more flexible with myself, typically working out at the start of my day or whenever it suits me.

Moving forward, I would like to be a bit more regimented with the routines, diet, water and sleep. Here’s to the remaining 20 days!


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