Day 21 – Burnout

After feeling accomplished yesterday for having hit the halfway mark, today it felt like I hit a wall – a brick wall…..of flames!  I woke up early, no longer able to sleep, but I did not awaken energized or well rested at all.

I got into my workout gear, sneakers and all, and went downstairs to start my morning with an attempted HIIT workout. Instead,  I woke up from the couch – two hours later!!

Burnout doesn’t just happen mentally but physically too.  Sometimes it happens when one is too eager to accomplish their goals that they go full steam ahead.  Even with active rest days, I think the workouts were not well supported enough  by my restricted diet. I was challenging myself more with weights but not fuelling my body appropriately to handle the recovery.

I felt like a sloth most of the day.  Listening to my body, I knew full well that if I pushed myself for HIIT or weight training today it would likely lead to injury. Instead I went to a therapeutic yoga workshop at noon which left my body feeling better than this morning but still tired throughout the afternoon.  Instead of smoothies all day, I added a hearty soup for lunch and a garden salad with grilled chicken and hard-boiled egg for dinner.  I will definitely start adding more healthy, solid calories back into my diet.

Tonight I think I’ll crash easily, earlier with dreams of a deep, restorative, full-night’s rest.  Sweet dreams friends!


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