Day 22 – Time for Change

What a difference a day makes! If you read my blog yesterday, I spoke about burnout. I didn’t fight it. I listened. I gave in to what my body needed. And it helped tremendously.

I was suffering from absolute fatigue the previous few days but tried so much to stay to my self-imposed schedule of diet and exercise.  All to my own detriment. Until yesterday – instead of pushing myself to workout, my body took a much needed mid-morning nap. Instead of heeding “no pain, no gain”, I opted for an enlightening therapeutic yoga workshop. And instead of my current liquid diet (juices, smoothies, soups), I reintroduced healthy solids like salads with grilled chicken and boiled egg.

Clearly, my body really needed the rest and extra calories, especially the protein. I slept much better last night and not only woke up feeling well rested today but I was energized throughout the day. This made for a better mood, more affective workout and increased productivity.

If you listen carefully, your body/mind/soul speaks to you. It’s called intuition. And it’s there for a reason.


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