Day 23 – Loving Leg Day

My legs have carried me most of my life. Well, as long as I have been able to walk. They are a blessed form of transportation and mobility. They provide freedom to come and go, freedom to move and freedom to dance.  Once upon a time, they were a vital part of my passion – I studied ballet for 16 years. And now, they are a reliable source of transport to my favourite place, the beach!

I enjoy working out my legs and keeping them strong and lean. I feel I am giving back to these incredible appendages that bare my weight everyday. My Mom used to say “use your head, save your legs” which meant, save yourself from making more than one trip, upstairs or downstairs for example, by thinking first of what you need to do or carry etc.  I prefer to use my legs to save my legs.

My favourite leg muscles to work are the quadriceps.  And my favourite exercises are leg extensions and leg press.  The quads are actually made up of four seperate muscles per leg. The connect at the knee and at the hips. They play such an important role in walking, running, hiking, jumping and squatting.

Loving my legs!


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