Day 26 – Tender Tootsies

Complete physical health should include every part of your body from head to toe, literally.  People often neglect their feet, instead concentrating on all the other muscles in their body.  Your feet are your original and most used form of transporation and should absolutely be handled with care.

The basics of healthy feet starts with good hygiene.  Make sure to wash your feet with soap each time you shower or bathe (which should be daily); don’t just allow the soap/shampoo from your body to run down your legs before slipping down the drain. That is not enough.  Literally soap and scrub your ankles, feet, soles and between the toes.

After you have washed and dried your feet, you should also examine them at least weekly. Excessively dry, chapped or scaly skin could be a sign of althlete’s foot. Cracked or discoloured toenails could be a sign of fungus.  Both left untreated could lead to much more serious problems.  If you assume any serious issues with your feet, consult a podiatrist; a doctor that specializes in diagnosing and treating conditions of the feet.

Keep your toenails clean and trim but not too short. Be careful of hangnails or ingrown nails. Better yet, indulge once in a while and get your piggies pampered. Pedicures aren’t just for ladies. A professional pedicure will result in clean, softened, massaged feet with trimmed toenails and healthy cuticles, whether you add polish or not is your choice.  Everyone deserves to spoil themselves once in a while.

Taking care of your feet means putting the right things on your feet.  Don’t wear socks that are too retrictive or tight. Make sure you wear a fresh, clean pair of socks each day. Always wear shoes that are properly supportive and appropriate to the activity you are doing.

Exercise is just as important for your feet as any other muscle for overall health.  The more you do, the more you can do. Even through yoga we are instructed to spread our toes and plant our feet firmly. This helps to realign our toes, strengthen our feet and improve circulation.  There’s even a product on the market called FLEX-TASTIC by ProFoot that helps stretch the toes and provide relief just by wearing the gel toe separators for a few minutes each day.

It takes baby steps to form any new habit. But you can jump in with both feet knowing the next time you put your best foot forward, it’s true.




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