Day 29 of 40 – The Right to Bare Arms

Raise them, reach with them, push and pull with them, stretch them, bend them, even hug with them. Our arms are a wonderful appendage of many uses. Personally, I find firm, toned, muscular arms to be desirable. Muscular does not mean bulky. The main muscles that should be exercised for strong, shapely arms are the biceps, triceps and shoulders.

To add bulk, use heavier weights with low reps and to tone, use lighter weights with higher reps. Here are my favourite arm exercises:

Biceps – curls, hammer curls, Arnold press

Triceps – kickbacks, dips, skull crushers

Shoulders – Arnold press, lateral raises

With summer around the corner for the northern hemisphere, it’s a great time to start toning for shorter sleeves, tank tops, sundresses and swimsuits. Everyone has the right to bare arms – might as well make them sexy!


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