Day 30 – The Final Stretch

So it’s not literally the final stretch as, of course, it’s important to include stretching every day especially for the muscles you’ve worked on.  Overall stretching keeps you limber and flexible and helps the muscles recover faster.

But with just 10 days left of my self imposed 40-day challenge, I’m in the final days to completion.  These 30 days so far I’ve learned that it’s ok and necessary to prioritize myself for the sake of good health.  I’ve learned that it’s actually pretty easy to eat clean when I’ve purchased and prepped healthy nutritious foods … and not restocked any junk food!

I’ve enjoyed weekly restorative yoga classes and being more mindful and centred through the day.  I will definitely continue this practise beyond this challenge and recommend yoga to anyone.

I’m proud of the gains I’m making in my arms and legs but still hope to lean out over the last ten days…..especially hopeful to wittle my waistline a lot more.  That’s my major soft spot, literally. I do see and feel improvement but when I look at the pics, I’m not quite where I’d like to be.  My stomach has been forever stretched, marked and changed due to motherhood.  I count my blessings of two amazing kids, of course, but want to develop firm, tight, toned abs.  Still a work in progress.  Looking forward to these next ten days!


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