Day 34 – To the Core

Disclaimer:  The following is a personal recount of my day. It is not a recommendation.  Consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine or dietary changes.

My meals  were back to my pre-challenge norm which was never too bad but I realized by the end of the day that I really do feel better when I eat cleaner.  I had a multigrain cereal with almond milk for breakfast, tuna salad in a whole wheat pita for lunch, grilled veggies for snack and a large salad with cucumber, tomoatoes, grilled chicken and chia seeds. I indulged in a small portion of birthday cake for dessert.

Today’s workout was all about abs and cardio.  I attempted app 3 on my treadmill which really challenged me. Within the 30 minute program, it had three 5-minute sprints with increased incline for each sprint.  I refrain from any impact exercises as I have three degenerative discs in my cervical spine and to do so definitely brings pain.  So instead of running or jogging, I faced the high momentum at the pace of a speedwalker and really worked up a sweat.  

My workout today concentrated specifically on the abs.  The exercises I performed were as follows:

crunches                                                                                                                                 bicycles                                                                                                                                   reverse crunches                                                                                                                     side crunches                                                                                                                      upright elbow to knee twists                                                                                           crunchy frogs                                                                                                                            lying leg raises                                                                                                                         mason twists

I performed 3 sets of 50 reps for each exercise.  I had intended and attempted to perform planks as well but my shoulders shook intensely just after a few seconds.  I’m positive it was do to yesterday’s shoulder workout so I decided to skip planks. Always listen to your body.