Day 35 – Let’s Be Honest

Being in my mid-40s, I’m pretty sure I’ve started the “change of life” a.k.a. menopause.  My cycles are changing and not in a good way.  My “lady days” are heavier and the migraines that come along with my cycle are more intense.  When I awoke this morning, my body ached and I was so fatigued.  Instead of dreading working out, I declared today a rest day.  And my body is thankful.

Today’s food consisted of a morning smoothie (banana, blueberry, vanilla yogurt, honey and cinnamon), a spinach quiche for lunch and a filling tasty salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken breast and chia seeds.

After a grateful rest day, I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s workout.  Only 5 days to go!


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