Day 36 – Chest in Case

Disclaimer:  The following is a personal recount of my day.  It is not a recommendation. Consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine or dietary changes.

Excited that today marks 5 days away from completion of my self imposed 40 day challenge.  This in itself is motivating me to push my best each day.  Today’s meals consisted of a morning smoothie (banana, strawberries, vanilla protien powder, almond milk, honey and cinnamon), veggie salad for lunch, and pumpkin soup for dinner.  Of course, with lots of water in between, especially while working out.

I attempted app 4 on my treadmill setting today.  Wow!  This was an incredible cardio workout and test of my endurance.  Not sure I passed but I did complete, barely.  Over the 30 minutes, the speed and elevation increased greatly.  I’m not really a runner (due to the fact I’m to avoid impact exercises) but I did have to sprint with this programme.  Several times I had to seek refuge on the side platforms in order to catch my breath.  But as soon as I did, I would jump back on.  Towards the peak I was holding on so tight, it felt I was giving myself an arm workout at the same time. I somehow finished. It was my most challenging cardio yet.  Hope I feel okay tomorrow.

My weight training today focused on chest and core.  My triceps are still feeling the burn from three days ago so my strength wasn’t fully there for pushups nor planks. I still went for it and tried my best.  Today’s workout was as follows:

crunches, 50 reps x 3 sets                                                                                               pushups, 12 reps x 3 sets                                                                                                              reverse crunches, 50 reps x 3 sets                                                                                       chest press, 25 reps x 3 sets, 10 lb dumbells                                                                       knee ins/outs, 25 reps x 3 sets                                                                                              chest flys, 25 reps x 3 sets, 10 lb dumbells                                                                      planks, 30 secs x 3 sets  (my arms were shaking like crazy so the final set was on my elbows)




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