Day 37 of 40 – Rest & Restore

Although I worked out on my triceps four days ago, I’ve realized today how much they are used throughout the day without thought; pushing, pulling, extending.  They’re also used indirectly for other exercises like pushups and planks. Today my triceps are so strained, I can barely lift my arms.  So thankful for my daughter who literally had to help me dress and do my hair.

Thanks to supportive freinds, reminding me to take it easy and even directly telling me to take a rest day; I realized I haven’t taken a rest day in almost a week even though I felt like I just had one.  Mental note:  I need to literally schedule in rest days.

Although it’s important that rest days are still active like going for a walk or doing yoga, it’s okay to take a complete rest from any activity and allow your body to fully restore.  Instead of just making yourself busy with work or chores, use the time you would have worked out to indulge in something relaxing like taking a long, hot, epsom salt bath, reading a great book, gardening or painting.

No matter what your goals are or how motivated you are to succeed, overworking can cause set backs. Work hard but work smart. Rest and restore.  Stay on track and stay the course.



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