Day 39 – Legs

Disclaimer:  The following is a personal recount of my day.  It is not a recommendation.  Consult your physician before beginning any exercise routine or dietary changes.

Back at it and it feels so good!  My triceps are almost 100% recovered and the rest of me is so energized. So I started back in with legs and glutes.  It always feels good to get a nice pump on the deriere.

Today was a celebratory day as far as food.  Pancakes with eggs, juice and coffee this morning. A delicious fruit smoothie for lunch. And a night out for authentic Indian cuisine for dinner.  Not to forget, lots of water through the day to stay hydrated.

I especially like working my legs.  They’ve carried me my whole life.  They served me well as a dancer for 16 years.  As on day 32, I performed the following self-weighted exercises:

100 squats

100 sumo squat pulses

100 hip raises

100 each leg, donkey kicks

100 lying hamstring curls

100 seated leg extensions

100 butt clenchers

50 each leg, fire hydrants

50 each leg, forward lunge

50 each leg, abductor/aductor swings

100 each leg, side-lying knee-too clams

100 calf raises

I finished up with some long, static stretches, ending with my favourite glute stretch. Looking forward to tomorrow!


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